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Peace(平和)、Health(健康)、 Human Development(人づくり)の頭文字をとって名づけられた草の根の人々による国際交流・協力の活動をしている団体です。
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PHD Letter



The PHD Foundation has been promoting activities that would help to bring about PEACE and HEALTH among grassroots people in Asian and South Pacific area, people are striving for their better life in underprivileged situation with widely prevailing poverty and diseases. While we Japanese, being indulged in the extravagance of material prosperity, seem to be losing the fundamental human attitude to consider others or those in need of help. Consequently people are enjoying their own happiness without knowing our present relation with and/or dependence on Asian neighbors.

Our PHD movement is aiming to realize the world where we could make joint efforts in solidarity to uplift grassroots people’s life in Asian and South Pacific countries as well as in Japan. Based on the principle “LIVING IS SHARING”, by sharing whatever we have in terms of time, skill, knowledge and money, let us join this noble movement of PHD and bring light to every concern of our world.

PHD is the International Human Service Movement, which was advocated and initiated Dr. NOBORU IWAMURA, who had contributed on medical mission against Tuberculosis mainly in Nepal and other Asian countries during his service.

We believe that PEACE and HEALTH is the ultimate and indispensable treasures that all people are safer, but they seem to have been threatened considerably on the global scale. Today it is well said that no less than three million people in the third countries are forced to live in subhuman condition, being hard-pressed even for daily necessities. While the people, living in the developed countries, are also demanded to have reflection over their own values and societies in the face of proceeding destruction of natural environment as well as dehumanization of life caused by overwhelming races for economic, political and military superpowers. These situations seem almost fatal to all the people living in this common society of the world. They are now in need of total solution by the joint-efforts of every citizen of this world.

Indeed the wisdom of people has already perceived this critical situation and numerous efforts on various levels have now in isolation. Our belief is that any social efforts by enlightened grassroots people, and in this sense HUMAN DEVELOPMENT is one of the most important tasks endowed to us for the progress of our human society.

Fortunately, we know there are lots of grassroots people and their leaders in the third world, who are striving of uplift their own life through their own SELF-RELIANT EFFORTS. And also in Japan, there are groups of people who are actively tackling with various problems for their fundamental solution. If those grassroots people, both in developed and in developing countries, could encounter and learn each other, could make joint-efforts for the improvement of respective societies or communities by sharing values, experiences, knowledge and skills, our world community might be able to find the way for survival.

In this context, we recognize our PHD movement as a catalyst to bring about PEACE and HEALTH both to Asia and to Japanese people through HUMAN DEVELOPMENT as well as formation of SOLIDARITY on the level of grassroots people. We believe that the practice of our principle “ LIVING IS SHARING” will ensure this process of the betterment of our world community.

Based on the principle “LIVING IS SHARING”, the PHD Foundation has been promoting the program to encourage the grassroots people, in Asian and South Pacific countries, to develop their community welfare in overall aspects by giving them facilities to have trainings either in Japan or in other feasible countries for necessary knowledge and techniques.

In this program the PHD Foundation will set up five year plans for each of our trainees, so that he/she could contribute his/her efforts to the cause of community development in his/her homelands. These five-year plans are interpreted as follows: The first year is the training in Japan or other countries on necessary subjects. The following three years are to be spent in implementation of the new programs and the last year is the finalization and evaluation for them.

This program is unique and different from presently existing Non-Governmental Organization, being engaged in International Volunteer Movement, in Japan in the following three points.


We cater not to the well-established, privileged people, but to GRASSROOTS PEOPLE and their leaders such as field workers and volunteers, actually working among them for the betterment of their community life.


The PHD training in Japan shall be done through actual working with instructors and/or foster-families in fields. This is because the trainees could get not only concrete knowledge and techniques but also LEADERSHIP TRAINING in actual human dynamism, which is required for their following new programs. Supplementary training in laboratories or training centers is also given according to necessity.


We will render four-year’s FOLLOW-UP PROGRAMS to the returned trainees, so that their efforts in new community development programs could take roots properly among local people. Their programs are expected to be implemented through POSITIVE PARICITATION of grass-roots people under our trainees’ encouragement, making best us of locally available resources. To those self-reliant efforts by community people, we will render our Follow-Ups through sending instructors and/or foster-families to give more practical advices and expertise on the program sites.

As is elaborated above, the purpose of our PHD program is to render countries support through Human Development, that is LEADERSHIP with SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE and TECHNIQUE, so that the grassroots people could make self-determined and self-reliant efforts for further uplift of their own community life. And good-willed Japanese who participate in this movement are also expected to have second thought over our life through personal exchange with our trainees from Asia and South Pacific countries as well as by building deeper understanding toward our actual relation.

1981 Rotary International Convention
Dr. Iwamura’s Speech in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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